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Redhead lights are traditional, basic continuous lights found in film and photography studios. Open-faced tungsten lamps, they usually have a dimmer and an adjustable beam angle.

Though buying a set of redheads may be a small initial investment, it can be a false economy because each one draws up to 800 watts, so you pay for it later through your electricity bill. Not to mention they produce more heat than light, so everything gets hot, you need heat-resistant light modifiers and so on.

British lighting manufacturer, Photon Beard, brought out an LED version of the redhead called the PB80, about two years ago. LEDs are much more efficient than tungsten or halogen bulbs, so this produces similar output to a 400-watt tungsten lamp while drawing only 80 watts. LEDs also last longer, run cooler and are less fragile.

Now there is a cheaper LED redhead.

Your first option is the Meking 50W Dimmable Redhead, manufactured by Hengming Electronics of Guangzhou, China. The lamp has a 5m power cable, a stepless dimmer switch and 5500K daylight-balanced output. It looks like, however, there is no facility to adjust the beam angle, so you cannot switch this from flood to spot: you just have to rely on the included barndoors to shape the light. The actual beam angle isn’t specified.

If you’re looking for a cheap LED lighting option, this is probably more competitive than the equivalent 45W LED photography bulbs setup, because you get a dimmer, barndoors and a solid-looking light stand mount for the same money or even less.

The redhead continuous light looks traditional but features modern LED technology. It’s perfect as a budget solution for video productions, vlogging, on-stage events, weddings and more. Comparable to about 800w of halogen light, this redhead features plenty of light output, but in a longer-lasting, safer and colder LED light.

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