PVC Backdrop & Stand Kits

General Information:

This fully washable PVC Backdrop & Stand Kits option is extremely hard wearing and durable. We only source the highest quality PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) material that is non reflective on the white side, and can withstand years of hard work and abuse in a busy Photography Studio.

This multi-purpose backdrop is white on one side and black on the other, which lends itself to most creative applications.

With this very popular PVC Backdrop & Stand Kits option your PVC Backdrop for Photography is supplied with – and rolled onto – a 50mm Silver aluminium center supporting rod, fitted with end caps and precision pre drilled in our factory for fitment onto your newly acquired backdrop stands. This is to facilitate easy usage as well as transportation to and from your Studio. Ready to use. Top 50mm and bottom 20mm seams are meticulously heat welded to never come loose. The bottom seam is for your convenience and to protect the Backdrop from damage.

You also receive 2 x Heavy Duty light stands which can go as high as 2.25m in total on which to hang your PVC Backdrop.

Options to consider:

  • Different standard sizes are available.
  • Choose your own custom size – maximum width is 3.2 meters and length is 50 meters.
  • A set of backdrop / light stands are included, should you plan to travel with your Backdrop.
  • You may choose not to purchase one of the PVC Backdrop & Stand Kits options, but instead opt for just the PVC Backdrop on its own.
  • What about wheel sets for your stands – they are a total breeze to work with in the studio.
  • Small studio?? Space a problem?? Then rather opt for a set of “U Hooks” for a fixed mount in your studio which will instantly sort out your space problems.