About the Quantum Team

First of all – Thank you for visiting our online Photographic Shop Website, and trusting us with your Photographic Studio Equipment Purchases!!

We will make all and any effort to ensure that you are a most satisfied customer – not only because you are saving a lot of money buying your equipment through us, but also because of the quality products you will be receiving.

A Bit of History…

A few years ago, we as Professional Photographers, realize that setting up a professional studio is a very expensive exercise, and decided that there must be a way to cut these setup costs. It all started with the now famous and very popular PVC White on Black Reversible Backdrops.

Over time we added new products to our line up and also set up a proper PVC Backdrop factory at our offices to enable us to become the undisputed leaders in the manufacture and supply of these super high quality products. Today – you as the customer – are able to order ANY size PVC Photographic Backdrop from our factory, and we will custom made it for you at no extra charge!! We were also able to source the absolute highest quality PVC Material to further enable us at QUANTUM PHOTOGRAPHIC to become the supplier of choice for these products nationwide and even to some of our neighbouring countries.

January 2016

January 2016 saw the total revamp of our website to accommodate the client that makes use of Cell phone and Tablet browsing. The end result – as can be seen when browsing on our brand new website – is now a much more user friendly experience. With this upgrade we hope to make the shopping experience on our website an easier and more enjoyable one for ALL users. This – we hope and believe – will create a possible additional income stream that was previously not catered for. 

March 2016

In March 2016, due to our business growing every year, we moved away from a Sole Proprietor type business and now forms part of QUANTUM PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES (Pty) Ltd, which is fully registered private company with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) as well as with SARS (South African Revenue Services) with company registration Nr: 2016 / 105523 / 07. The said holding company consists of QUANTUM PHOTOGRAPHY and of course QUANTUM PHOTOGRAPHIC.

Buying your Photographic Studio Equipment from us…

Due to the fact we are also Professional Photographers  first and foremost, we are able to give you – the valued customer – advice regarding most if not all of our products on offer, whether you are just starting out as an amateur photographer, setting up a professional Studio or are in need of upgrading your existing setup. We then went one step further… You are now also more than welcome to visit out Studio, bring along your camera, and play around with some of the Studio Lighting, Umbrellas, and Soft boxes etc. on the PVC Backdrops before you make your final purchase!!

Enjoy Your Shopping!!

Kind Regards


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